I’m a creative professional with 6 years of experience in the film and recreation industries. Writing, thinking “outside the box,” video, and installation are my main specialties. The future of business, I believe, is utilizing tangible, interactive installations to advertise a product/service. Companies such as Snapchat and Coca-Cola are already experimenting with this idea using vending machines for Snapchat Spectacles and international phone booths. Kombucha brands are adding self-serve kegs in grocery stores and at events.

I’ve worked with YouTube channel SoulPancake creating interactive spaces in order to initiate conversation between total strangers. My animated looped video installation, Clockwork (2013), has been rear-projected through a window in Downtown Binghamton, screened at a student award show at my University, and played at a gallery in Santa Monica, CA. I created a black-out room at Spool Mfg Gallery in Johnson City, NY to play a 4-speaker surround sound site-specific space recreating a Native American Fire Ceremony (2015).

I hold a Dual Bachelor’s​ Degree in Film Production and Creative Writing, graduating Cum Laude with a 3.6 GPA as a recurring member of the Dean’s List. As the first President of the Tau Sigma National Honor Society for the Binghamton chapter, I led our members in a mission to aide a local Binghamton group home.

I’m an active outdoors-person, spending most of my free time adding more miles to my hiking record (13/day). I’m currently seeking a new position that allows me to learn and grow within a company creatively. I’m willing to relocate: (Back to) LA & NYC, Colorado, Utah, Oregon preferred. Current non-career goals include completing a novel and winter hiking to a surviving ice cave. Feel free to reach out!