The Barefoot Aya (2012-)

From the Website:

Founded in 2012, The Barefoot Aya used to be named “Musings of a Modern Hippie” until the author decided that having the same name as another blog was ridiculous, confusing, and she no longer wanted to pay for a .me domain (they’re so much more expensive!). Michelle is super sensitive to chemicals in food, cleaning products, soap, etc, so she made “Musings” to share her findings on natural alternatives.

The blog went through a transformation in 2016 – somewhat of a rebirth, and The Barefoot Aya was born. “Barefoot” is for getting back to our roots with nature and because walking barefoot is the best. “Aya” is a symbol representing a fern, which symbolizes growing and persevering through some crazy spaces and obstacles. AKA, this blog is about using natural stuff to help overcome issues with physical and mental health.

Michelle used to write freely, without care for citing her sources (b/c google exists), but some people claimed her writing was “crazy,” “hippie,” “pseudo science.” At this point, she realized that the Internet is a vast, confusing place and it’s hard to know what’s real anymore. We decided to link sources to real scientific research on our blog posts so readers didn’t have to do their own verification. However, people still claimed that Barefoot Aya posts are “hippie pseudo science” even though evidence published by Harvard was smacking them in the face, so we at Barefoot Aya realized that some people live in another world opposing truth and there’s nothing we can do about it.



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